About Me

As of September, 2023, I am a PhD student in the Information School at the University of Washington! I have the good fortune to be advised by Aylin Caliskan and Lucy Lu Wang. I am an NSF CSGrad4US fellow. I graduated from Swarthmore College in 2020 with a BA in Mathematics and Computer Science, where I worked with Ameet Soni and Eva-Maria Collins. I have also worked at the Institute for Defense Analyses and Sambanova Systems.

I'm interested in creating equitable machine learning models to improve clinical care. In particular, I'm studying how to apply natural language processing techniques to create models used in clinical settings, and studying evaluation techniques to ensure that these models result in equitable care for patients.


  • Ireland, Danielle, Veronica Bochenek, Izzy Chaiken, Christina Rabeler, Sumi Onoe, Ameet Soni, and Eva-Maria S. Collins. "Dugesia japonica is the best suited of three planarian species for high-throughput toxicology screening." Chemosphere 253 (2020): 126718. [link]


My CV as of 8/31/2023 is here.


You can find some short stories I've written here.